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1-Satan-Lv 99
2ZeinoLv 99
3BartLv 99
4DairyMilkLv 99
5JanLv 99
6AightLv 99
7BoboGrindLv 99
1Grimoire2503 pts
2Erratic1657 pts
3Arrant1619 pts
4saylala1385 pts
5Mythic1319 pts
6Deja Vu1256 pts
7Omega1197 pts

Delete Old Characters

Character Name:

Level 1-60: last login must be more than 375 days ago
Level 60-75: last login must be more than 750 days ago
Level 75+: can not be deleted

- Last login of the account of the character must be more than 150 days ago.
- Characters with colors or donation items can not be deleted.
- Characters in a clan can not be deleted in case they have contribution points.
- You can request a deletion every 3 days.
- Whoever decides to abuse the function will receive a ban. (All actions are logged.)

Do not ask any of the staff members for a character deletion. Use this tool.
If you can not use this tool to delete a character, we will not delete the character for you.

  • Donation HP AP Ring
    Donation HP AP Ring
  • Donation Shotgun
    Donation Shotgun
  • Donation Set (F)
    Donation Set (F)
  • Donation Shotgun II
    Donation Shotgun II
  • Genesis Revenge
    Genesis Revenge
  • Duelisto Shotgun
    Duelisto Shotgun
  • Donation Sword
    Donation Sword
  • Deadly Katana
    Deadly Katana