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2-Satan-Lv 99
3ZeinoLv 99
4BartLv 99
5AightLv 99
6DairyMilkLv 99
7-JanLv 99
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Client size: 615.3MB
Version: 7.0

System Requirements

If you face any client issues or need help with other things, please read the FAQ
or post a thread on the forums. Our great community will help you out for sure!

  • Donation HP AP Ring
    Donation HP AP Ring
  • Donation Shotgun
    Donation Shotgun
  • Donation Shotgun II
    Donation Shotgun II
  • Donation Set (F)
    Donation Set (F)
  • Genesis Revenge
    Genesis Revenge
  • Duelisto Shotgun
    Duelisto Shotgun
  • Donation Sword
    Donation Sword
  • Deadly Katana
    Deadly Katana