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1LilithLv 99
2BartLv 99
3-Satan-Lv 99
4AightLv 99
5ZeinoLv 99
6QuestLv 99
7DesiFuckerLv 99
1Kouhosei4464 pts
2RedHair3320 pts
3Jupiter2913 pts
4Beatiful2573 pts
5Freak2522 pts
6Dcrew1629 pts
7Uppercut1568 pts
Levels OneHacksExp 84
Kills TTrickstah 770
CW Points Yagami 373
CW Played Yui 38
#1 Clan Kouhosei 4464
DT Won Ricky 3
Event Points Ommadawn 5
Duel Streaks Curor 5
Levels OneAlwaysWin 153
Kills Roytaru 8555
CW Points Yui 1905
CW Played Ant 232
#1 Clan Kouhosei 4003
DT Won Perfect 22
Event Points Bunny 17
Duel Streaks NOTRain 46

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06 Apr 2016 FGunZ Update // Player Suggestions

Hi Freestylers,

In this update, we have implemented a bunch of suggestions that were made by the community
Among the changes is the following:
- Anti-lead has been removed for explosions.
- A new FPS counter has been implemented.
- Added a small performance optimization
- Fog color in infected is now black.
- A button to clear your inventory has been added to the inventory and shop interface.
- Friend login notification.
- [GLAD] roomtag which contains: [F], [NG] and [NI]. - When a user is being vote kicked and the user is leaving the game, the user will now be instantly kicked.

Check the thread here for more information about this update!

30 Mar 2016 FGunZ Update // Roomtag Changes

Hi Freestylers,

In this update, we have removed a bunch of roomtags and made it so a lot of them can only be used in the event channel.

The following roomtags have been completely removed: [SH], [WF], [IB], [KS].
The following roomtags are only available in events: [VAMP], [EX], [ESP], [G?], [S?], [J?], [N], [F], [M], [NC], [NR], [NS], [BG], [NI].
The following roomtags can still be used everywhere: [LEAD], [V], [R], [IA], [FPS], [RTD], [DMG2] / [DMG3], [SGO], [SNO], [RVO].

Check the release thread for more information about the update!

08 Mar 2016 FGunZ Update // New Anti-Lead, Damage-Counter and more!

Hey Freestylers,

we have a wonderful update for you today.

With a big thank you to our new developer S1lent, we have introduced a brand new anti-lead and damage counter. They now use less bandwidth and are extremely accurate. You will love it.

We have also added a /forcenat command which forces your connection through the server to hide your IP in games.

Also, plenty of bug fixes,
and much more!

Click here for more information.

  • Donation HP AP Ring
    Donation HP AP Ring
  • Donation Shotgun
    Donation Shotgun
  • Donation Shotgun II
    Donation Shotgun II
  • Donation Set (F)
    Donation Set (F)
  • Genesis Revenge
    Genesis Revenge
  • Duelisto Shotgun
    Duelisto Shotgun
  • Donation Sword
    Donation Sword
  • Deadly Katana
    Deadly Katana