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1AightLv 99
2QuestLv 99
3DesiFuckerLv 99
4TripsikLv 99
5GodLv 99
6SolidSnakeLv 99
7-Satan-Lv 99
1oregairu3140 pts
2HaYaDurn2724 pts
3Arise2564 pts
4Winnars2327 pts
5Border2268 pts
6Solari2134 pts
7Sellmeloz1949 pts

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Clan: Ninjas (Leader)

Kill Count 27184 Status
Death Count 17352 Country
XP 2,665,224,589 Creation Dec 4 2009 3:14PM
Playtime 2193 Hour(s) Last Login Apr 2 2015 5:03AM

The last 7 days, Shark gained 0 levels.
The last 31 days, Shark gained 0 levels.

The last room Shark played in was at Apr 2 2015 5:03AM for 0 minutes.
In this room Shark made 0 kills, died 0 times and gained a total of 0 XP.


  • Donation HP AP Ring
    Donation HP AP Ring
  • Donation Shotgun
    Donation Shotgun
  • Donation Shotgun II
    Donation Shotgun II
  • Donation Set (F)
    Donation Set (F)
  • Genesis Revenge
    Genesis Revenge
  • Duelisto Shotgun
    Duelisto Shotgun
  • Donation Sword
    Donation Sword
  • Deadly Katana
    Deadly Katana

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