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21 Apr 2014 FGunZ Update // 21 April 2014

- Anti-lead in infected fixed
- Interface fixes and changes
- Hack attempt issues fixed

Clan War
- Rejoin possibility
- Window will flash when alt-tabbed and a match started
- Landmines blocked

- New roomtag: [RTD] more info here
- [F] roomtag also prevents lunge from daggers

More information here!

07 Mar 2014 FGunZ Trailer Contest Winner

We are sorry for not posting any news here for quite some time.

But here is something for you to enjoy (incase you haven't seen it yet):
Our latest FGunZ trailer from Shirotoushin aka. Kageyami, the winner of our latest FGunZ trailer contest.

Click here to see it!

Enjoy this amazing piece of work and don't forget to share it with your friends!

02 Dec 2013 Freestyle GunZ Official Trailer Contest 2013

I think we all can agree that our last trailer contest was quite a success.
And because of the many updates we've pushed since then (new gamemodes [CTF, Infection, Gun Game], balancing, weapons, maps, etc.) we decided that it is time to have another trailer contest.

Why should you participate?
As the winner of this contest, you do not only earn respect and fame,
but the winner of this contest also receives 1000 coins + Snorkel (male&female).

But wait, there's more!
5 out of all participants will receive 100 coins for free, just for participating in this contest!

Click here to read more!

  • Donation Shotgun
    Donation Shotgun
  • Donation Shotgun II
    Donation Shotgun II
  • Donation HP AP Ring
    Donation HP AP Ring
  • Genesis Revenge
    Genesis Revenge
  • Duelisto Shotgun
    Duelisto Shotgun
  • Donation Set (F)
    Donation Set (F)
  • Donation Sword
    Donation Sword
  • Deadly Katana
    Deadly Katana